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The Landscape Zodiacs of Cornwall are criss-crossed by informatic fields which have been tapped by the Satanic forces of the New World Order.

In The Intelligence Game, James Rusbridger describes how in 1986 the leader of the British Labour Party, Neil Kinnock, telephoned Malcolm Turnbull. Turnbull was the lawyer representing Peter Wright during the Spycatcher trial in Australia which was causing the British government and the security services endless embarrassment. As Turnbull's number was dialled in London, the group of numbers, converted into digital pulses, sped on their way to Sydney via Mondial House, the British Telecom international switching centre in London, to the Post Office tower and west across Britain via the main microwave link down to the earth satellite station at Goonhilly on the Lizard Zodiac.

As the first group of pulses were directed to the satellite high above the Indian Ocean, mixed up with all the other transmissions going out to the Far East, they were snatched out of the ether by the American NSA's giant aerials at Morwenstow 60 miles up the coast to the east of Goonhilly, and compared with the watch lists of 'interesting' numbers on their computer memories.

As Turnbull's calls were of great interest to the government at the time any calls to him from Britain would be separated from the surrounding chaff and monitored. Within seconds of Kinnock completing the call a full recording of his conversation was on its way back to Fort Meade and, from there, back to GCHQ in Cheltenham.

By allowing the NSA to tap the call in Britain GCHQ had not been involved and, since the presence of the NSA in Britain is not officially admitted, the government could claim the interception never happened.


James Rusbridger was a tremendous irritant to the security services. His letters to newspapers poured scorn on the Official Secrets Act; his books cast doubt on the official version of events. But where Rusbridger, really annoyed the spooks was when he unearthed Britain's code-breaking secrets, in particular the story that the British had cracked Japanese naval codes in advance of the attack on Pearl Harbour.

He was bright, hale and hearty for his 65 years of age before he was found dead at his home in Jasmine cottage near Bodmin. He was dressed in a green protective suit for use in nuclear, biologica l or chemical warfare, green overalls, a black plastic mackintosh and thick rubber gloves. His face was covered by a gas mask and he was also wearing a sou-wester. His body was suspended from two ropes, attached with shackles fastened to a piece of wood across the open loft hatch, and was surrounded by pictures of men and mainly black women in bondage. Consultant pathologist Dr Yasai Sivathondan said he died from asphyxia due to hanging 'in keeping with a form of sexual strangulation'.

His death occasioned a piece in The Sunday Times, (20th February 1994) where reporter James Adams, whose own books boast of contacts with British Intelligence, reported: "His death was as much a fantasy as his life,'. The article went on to claim that Rushbridger, a cousin of Peter Wright of Spycatcher fame, had become interested in intelligence since his conviction for four counts of defrauding the Bodmin Cash and Carry in July 1977 when he had been sent for psychiatric counselling in a local hospital. Such an extensive demolition job by intelligence officials would perhaps only be merited by someone who had been a serious thorn in their side.

In my own copy of The Intelligence Game, purchased from a book sale at St Austell library, anonymous pencilled margin notes have been added. They refer to the secret recovery of aqualungist 'Buster' Crabb's severed head, after a failed spy mission to a Russian ship in a British harbour in 1956.

"C's head brought ashore in Lee on Solent. Saw it myself. True. The Navy knows this. Really True. The head was in a sort of plastic or string bag. I was walking on the beach with my baby son. Divers Navy? carried it."

The Intelligence Game by James Rusbridger, Bodley Head, 1989

computer enhanced satellite image
The Giant Sheep of Treesmeer


The notions which underline the Work Ethic are thought to originate with Protestant sects such as the Calvinists and Puritans. According to Ashton's History of the Industrial Revolution, Quakers, Presbyterians, Wesleyans and other nonconformist religious cults were greatly over-represented among the early industrialists. Modern work obsessions - with deadlines, haste and urgency - can be traced to the Puritans' perception of there being a perilously short time in which to build God's Kingdom on Earth.

This "God's Kingdom" is now being built by a new breed of crackpot millennialists obsessed with imposing their fanatic yuppie mindsets upon the landscape twelve years too late. Modernist Welfare-to-work brainstorming sessions have produced a flipchart full of bullet-points for a brainwashing Greenwich Millennium Experience theme park to be built on the bank of the Thames. They plan zones called: The Learning Curve, Licensed to Skill, The Spirit Level, Serious Play, A Typical Seaside Resort with a Difference, and Time to Talk!

At the centre of this Millennium Dome, sits a huge Silver Statue of Bathomet, sexless and taller than the Statue of Liberty. In the year "2000", thousands of visitors pay around 20 each to be herded inside its massive rectum. Once inside the silver colon they are strapped into hundreds of haemorrhoid-shaped virtual-reality headsets to be programmed with the virtues of a flexible labour market. As the programming progresses, the Silver Sphincter slams shut. The innocent victims are trapped inside. Too late, they realise the Silver Giant is in fact made of wicker, covered with baking foil.

High Priests of the Countryside Alliance enter in a ritual procession. They chant, "Satan, Oscillate my Metallic Sonatas!" as the Silver Giant is put to the torch. This obscene ceremony is the prelude to the ritual murder of Prince Charles.


Millennium madness continues with the planned erection of a bizarre glass-roofed rainforest in a clay pit in the middle of Cornwall.

The 106 million Eden Project has been granted a mighty 37 million from the Lottery Millennium Commission. The Project, headed by the palidromic entrepreneur Tim Smit, has been described as "the world's most exciting greenhouse". Its main attraction is to be a Tropical Rainforest biome 60 metres high. It will exhibit plants from four climates to 750,000 visitors a year. The site is currently a working quarry, digging china clay (kaolin) from the body of the Earth Mother. This china clay is used to make the shiny paper used in pornographic magazines as well as medicine for people suffering from diarrhoea. The clay workings have already been used to build great pyramids on the landscape round St Austell.

To get the thousands of visitors to the Eden Project site, it is proposed that a new access road will be built. This will cut through two existing nature reserves. The Green Party and Friends of the Earth oppose the access road.

"Our opposition to the project is that it's going to attract tens of thousands more cars through that part of the countryside at a time when the County Council is supposed to be reducing reliance on private cars," says Betty Levene of Friends of the Earth's transport group in Cornwall. Levene also raises concerns over how the Eden Project will affect local people and Cornwall as a whole.

"Mid-Cornwall is the last part of the county where there is proper full-time waged employment which isn't based on the tourist industry. What we don't want to see is the area becoming totally dependent on part-time seasonal slave wages like the rest of Cornwall."

The Big Issue 9th February 1998

It may be possible that the Wild Cat images encoded on the landscape are setting up Chaospheric time-tunnel wormholes between the moorland and the distant jungles of Africa, from which rare and exotic beast-gods emerge at time of famine to feast upon unwary Cornish sheep.
And it seems that ritual magicians, using computer model sigils, are beaming up American pumas and depositing them in clay-pits-to-be-rainforests-of-the-future.


First published in Network News: Land of the Giants Issue, 1998.

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