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It is alleged in a number of best-selling books , that the Knights Templar were aware of huge secret geometrical land formations around the town of Rennes le Chateaux, France. These they used to conceal various relics of the crucifixion, the Holy Grail, the Body of Christ, etc.

It is said that Jesus once visited Cornwall with his uncle Joseph of Arimathea, landing at Fowey then trekking overland to walk on the mud of Glastonbury. The parish of Temple on Bodmin Moor is so named because it formerly belonged to the Knights Templar, their estate here is mentioned in 1185 as 'one land on Fawimore'.

The Templars were founded in 1118 or 1119 as a kind of military police to protect the pilgrim routes to Jerusalem, newly freed from the infidel Turks. The knights took the same vows as monks- poverty, chastity and obedience - were thus a religious as well as military order, calling themselves 'poor knights of Christ' who adopted as a symbol two knights riding on one horse. Two centuries later, by which time the Turks had recaptured Jerusalem, the Templars had become immensely rich, and as far as the Pope was concerned, had outlived their usefulness.

It was alleged that the Templars, while ostensibly serving the Pope, were secretly protecting a different form of religion, one to do with an idol named Bathomet, usually described as a skull, a human head, or three heads. They were accused of infanticide, abortion and homosexuality-on-horseback. It is possible that the Knights of that Order were aware of the giant Zodiac figures surrounding them on the Bodmin Moor. Philip IV, King of France, who suppressed the Templars for political reasons, charged that the Templars were initiated by being commanded to kiss the anus of a black cat.


Another guardian of the Bodmin Moor Zodiac was Daniel Gumb, an 18th century figure whose house at the Cheesewring bears carvings of sacred geometry. As a boy he was highly intelligent, strange and unsociable, having nothing to do with the ordinary pastimes of his peers.

He preferred to wander alone on the moors with a book, spending nights at places such as Roche hermitage where he would lose himself in the wonders of the night sky. In later life he was a stone-cutter who became obsessed with Euclidian geometry, and, having married a local girl took up residence in a stone-built cavern directly below the Cheesewring. The mundane life of a cottager did not appeal to the visionary mind of Daniel, who was happier to follow the ways of a more ancient persuasion.

The remains of Daniel Gumb's House are still to be seen, with the roof fallen in and a stone beside the doorway carved with his initials and the date (1735) when he forsook the ways of the world. It was here that he lived, winter and summer, on the bleak moors, gazing out in mystic reverie and pondering the mysteries of sacred geometry.

The Rev RS Hawker wrote that even in the last century, local legends still identified the tall and craggy places with the youthful scholar who spent his nights 'learning the customs of the stars' and 'finding out by the planets things to come'.

The Sun and the Serpent by Hamish Miller and Paul Broadhust, Pendragon Press, 1989

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Virgo, The Leopard Goddess 0f Butten Hill


It is possible the Bodmin Zodiac designs were laid out on a simple grid pattern on the ground which was designed to be viewed from the air during some kind of shamanic flight. There is a long history of witchcraft on Bodmin Moor and some of those witches are alleged to have been able to fly by use of a salve.

Erich-Will Peuchert of Gottingen University is said to have discovered a formula for witches' salve, involving ingredients like thornapple (datura stamonium), henbane (hyoscymus niger) and deadly nightshade; as well as wild celery, parsley and lard (or the fat of an unbaptised baby).

In 1960, Peuchert and a fellow researcher applied the salve to their foreheads and armpits and passed out. They awoke twenty-four hours later with blinding headaches and dry mouths - but both convinced they had attended a witches' sabbat. Before comparing notes with his fellow researcher, Peuchert asked him to write down all he remembered of his dreams. He did the same.

When the accounts were compared, there were astonishing similarities. Both dreamed of flying, landing on a mountain top, of wild sexual orgies with naked women, demons and monsters, perverted sex practises and paying homage to the Devil. Why should the salve have produced the same dream in both researchers? Possibly because they were both expecting something of the sort. Peuchert had also suggested that the salve acted on specific sites in the brain, triggering images involved with 'sex and wickedness'.

Aldous Huxley in Heaven and Hell says the mind 'like the earth of a hundred years ago, has its darkest Africas, its unmapped Borneos and Amazonian basins' - an image that suggests that our own inner worlds may have their own distinct geography (i.e. the essence of Kabbalism). Huxley says: 'Like the giraffe and the duck-billed platypus, the creatures inhabiting these remote regions of the mind are exceedingly improbable'

Witches by Una Woodruff and Colin Wilson, Paper Tiger, 1981

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