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There are many legends of a race of giants that once roamed Cornwall, erecting the massive stone circles that pepper the landscape. Perhaps these giant legends are a hazy memory of massive images encoded upon the solid earth? Bodmin Moor is a wild, beautiful place where time stands still. Evidence of thousands of years on man's occupation is all around - stone circles are testimony to the Bronze Age. Hill forts remind us of Iron Age man. Villages named after Saints were built around the monastic cells of Celtic missionaries, and ruined engine houses stand against the skyline, stark reminders of those who mined here in the last century.

The giant zodiac images of Bodmin Moor are in the form of colossal animals drawn from the folklore of the area. New evidence has come to light which suggests that the Beast of Bodmin phenomena may be an example of an Afro-Celtic Teleportation Voodoo acausally connected to a Feline Landscape Imprint within the Giant Zodiac on Bodmin Moor.

Around the Goodaver Farm (see News 10) The Beast of Bodmin's Simulacra, The Giant Tom Cat, lies over Catshole Downs with his head formed by Tolborough Tor, his generative organ is formed by Brown Willy. The Tom Cat has marked his territory by spraying on Showery Tor and has leaped over Buttery Tor, his front paws proudly comb the ground at Priddacombe.

Brock, the Great Badger, lies on Brockbarrow Common.

Virgo is represented as The Leopard Goddess, her breasts are formed by Butten Hill and Bray Down.

Capricorn, The Scapegoat, prepares to make the ultimate sacrifice on Slaughter Bridge. Ophiucchus, the Neutered She-Cat lies on Spey Moor, unafraid of Shallow Water Common, her paw on Hawks Tor and her head by Butter Tor Downs. Aries the Ram is represented by the Giant Black Sheep of Jacob's Flock, who stands over Tresmeer. The Pisces Fishes lie beside Dozmary Pool, on Gillhouse Downs and Higher Gillhouse. The Serpent has been dealt a deadly blow by Ophiucchus and lies at Splatt. As John Michell writes in The Earth Spirit: Its Ways, Shrines and Mysteries "…the serpent represents the mercurial currents of the earth spirit gliding in serpentine channels through the earth's crust - the yin force of nature… When the serpent current of the earth spirit is transfixed by the lance of the dragon killer, it can no longer move freely about the earth, for its energies are now fixed and concentrated on one spot."

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The Giant Cat of Bodmin Moor

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