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The Eyeless Smiley © or All-Consuming Propertarian Mouth, is a symbol used to mark "the rights of Intellectual Property or Copyright".

The Open-Eyed Smiley smiley was the symbol of at least two important disestablishmental working-class movements;
The People's Free Festival Movement of the 1970s and
the Acid House Parties of Ravers of the 1980s.

The "Headless Smiley" :-) is used in Electronic Mail to "append human concepts to messages", when viewed sideways on,

e.g. happiness/irony :-)

sadness :-(

and astonishment :-o

Eyeless Smiley and Headless Smiley are designed so the head is tilted sideways to read them, thus the reader is placed in a supplicant position in relation to the carrier of the symbol. The Open-Eyed Smiley is designed to be read head on and face to face, an open egalitarian greeting.

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