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An Alternative and/or Additional reading of the Ten Pound Note:
To the right of the Queen's head there is an image of Fountain-pen nibs, in rows like skittles in a bowling alley. In the light of the long-running affair between Prince Charles and Mrs. Camilla Parker-Bowles, is this a pun on "Parker" pens and "Bowls"? The ghost-face on the banknote is now surrounded by screw-heads - and "Charles' Dick ins"!! (is there any limit to the vulgar puns of the Bank of England?)

The village of Pickwick (part of Corsham) in Wiltshire is where Mr. and Mrs. Parker-Bowles live. Parked in the bowels of the earth, underneath the town of Corsham is a massive nuclear bunker, comprising an underground town complete with its own pub, with its own electric railway system and everything needed for the Windsors an their minions to stay underground for at least a year. This is connected to the high-speed rail-link between London and Bath for a fast Royal escape in the event of nuclear attack, or civil unrest in the capital. The entrance can be seen as you whizz past on the Intercity London-Bath line.

(The bunker is well-known to local residents who have worked for the military and you reporter has even managed a visit down there many years ago. The place has always been heavily guarded by the military- like a lot of Wiltshire - and they've been known to give photographers on the main road outside a hard time. It's a sign of the times that the ITV was allowed to reveal its existence to the nation that paid for it on a recent Philip Schofield programme, by the investigative reporter Duncan Campbell).

Also, funnily enough there is a photo in the local Methuen Arms Hotel of Prince Charles' father playing skittles there. Charles Dickens is said to have stayed at the coaching stop - now the Hare and Hounds pub, in Pickwick, when he wrote the book The Pickwick Papers.

Brittania the Priestess now assumes hermaphrodite qualities, bearing one breast in the manner of a Masonic Initiate. She is now in front of the shield, holding spear in left hand, branch in right hand. Many arrows (like the ones worn on convict's uniforms) fly between the Queen and the Priestess.

Stephen Knight writes in The Brotherhood that Prince Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh, was initiated into Freemasonry, 5th December 1952. Earl Mountbatton was "fiercely opposed" to Freemasonry and advised him to have nothing to do with it. Philip regarded it as a silly joke but felt "duty bound" to join. He only passed the 1st Degree and wanted to forget the whole business as quickly as possible and refused all invitations to climb the Masonic ladder. Lord Mountbatton was Prince Charles' favourite uncle and has made a lasting impression on him, and it seems due to him that Charles went one better than his father and refused to join the Freemasons and has become the first monarch in centuries who has not become Titular head of Freemasonry in Britain. The Star of David, featuring the "Headbashed Saddie"

is repeated several times on the design, including one overprinted with a purple square, as if censored. A row of bar magnets runs along the bottom of the banknote, aligned North/South. Underneath the Queen's Image, the design is echoed with a Web-like latticework with the number "20" interspersed. "Animal Magnetism" is the old name for Mass Hypnosis. On the reverse Michael Farraday stands in the pose of the Tarot Magician, his audience at the Royal Institution includes the Solar Diety. A pyramid of electric light also illuminates the scene. The caption reads

Michael Farraday 1791-1867

June 1st 1982 was not only the summer solstice but there was also a new moon and a solar eclipse., In London, in St Mary's Hospital Paddington, Princess Diana gave birth to Prince William. He was not named William until several days later though. As Prince Charles was visiting his wife and new born son in the hospital a member of the public (one of his subjects) shouted out to ask him the boy's name. Prince Charles is quoted as replying, "You'll have to ask my wife, we're having a bit of an argument over that."

In recent years since the separation of Charles and Diana we have been told that Charles was a dominant and bullying husband. If this is true Charles and Di would hardly have "a bit of an argument" about such an important decision as their first born's name. It is said that Charles wanted to call the second in line to the throne ARTHUR. This would make him King Arthur The Solar King. However, in the article NO MORE SACRIFICE the London Psychogeographical Association Newsletter No.10 reminds us that

"There are some Christian fundamentalists who have pointed out that should Prince William become King, he would be William V. by treating the W as two V's and the I's and l's as the roman numeral for one, they have constructed an anagram from this name: I am VI VI VI..Prince William will be 18 on the summer solstice in the year 2000."

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